Thursday, May 1, 2008


इ हवे अब्सोलुतेली नो आईडिया वहत इस हप्पेनिंग विथ थे फोंट्स अस इ टाइप थिस...बुत इ चेक्केद इन टू दो अ पोस्ट, एंड इ डोंट हवे टाइम टू फिगुरे आउट वहत इस गोइंग ओं,,,सो इ गेस इफ यू कैन रीड अरबिक और चिनेसे और व्तेवर थिस इस, थें यू कैन रीड माय राम्बेलिंग्स...बेटर येत, जुस्त लुक अत थे पिक्टुरे। टू बी आईटी , जुट गो टू माय एतस्य स्टोर और चेचक आईटी आउट अत थे क्रिस्टोफर पार्क गैलरी इन.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Daily Paintings turning into weekly listings!
I got my paintings posted on Etsy...I'll put them up each day. I gotta get a system going here. Organizing all the stuff can be suffocating, but just like anything, once you get all the kinks worked out, it will be automatic. I have to do this in batches now, until I get back into it. When I was listing on Ebay, I had it down to a least I know a little bit about computers now. WHen I first started, I didn't even know how to load pictures...such basic stuff that seems so easy now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm glad to be back to a painting a day. To be honest though, because of the process I use to work...I am always working on several paintings at a at the end of the week, I do have a painting a day! Here is the first of a small series I did for a new gallery in South Carolina. These paintings are on 8x10x1.5 inch gallery stretched canvas. Inquiries can email me.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I was having trouble posting my painting today, I got a new camera 12 megapixels, so I thought it was too big for blogger posts, but looks like it turned out ok. One thing I regret, and if I knew then what I knew now, I would have purchased a GOOD camera long ago. But then again, the new cameras are way way cheaper now then they were even a year ago.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am already feeling the pressure

Day two of my blog...why am I doing this...I keep asking why I am taking on ANOTHER my life isn't complicated enough...Here is the next painting, available on ETSY

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daily Painting starting again
I am a self taught artist that has been painting for the past three years. I have sold over 350 original paintings. I started on EBAY and learned ALOT. In fact, without EBAY, I don't know that I would have ever continued on the journey I have been on. I was very visable for two years there, listing every single day. Then, galleries started to notice me, so I started to put my feelers out to see what a brick and morter world would be like. I closed my EBAY business and started the next step. This was a great transition for me. I have been able to paint in a much larger format, which has been very satisfying. I am starting this blog to get back into the daily painting aspect that I believe keeps an artist fresh, competitive and marketable. My paintings will be posted in my Etsy store for anyone interested in just stopping by to see more, or for purchase. All my daily paintings will be on watercolor paper, in small format sizes. Something you can slap a cheap frame from a crafts store or garage sale on!
Starting a blog and posting daily paintings is a HUGE commitment, and those who do it know what I am talking about. I am just going to try to get here every couple of weeks, and post the week's work in batches.